Claire is our answer to today's healthcare challenges.

Claire supports you with data insights, documentation and treatment assistance.
Giving you time for what matters most: Your patients.

Meet Claire, the revolutionary healthcare assistant.

Using latest advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence our intelligent assistant Claire supports you in your clinical duties. She screens incoming data, assists you with patient treatment and helps to adhere to treatment protocols. She radically reduces your workload in documentation, meaning less spent time in front of your computer and more next to the patient bed.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Claire detects complex patterns in medical data. Combined with established expert knowledge, she is able to  detect life threatening diseases.

  • Machine Learning

    Claire  learns from 250.000 patient cases, understanding typical patterns in medical data. With this knowledge, she is able to diagnose diseases fast and accurately.

  • Natural Language Processing 

    Claire understands your natural language - even if it is medical speech. She learned from all medical professions, understanding their intentions.

Planned features during EIT Health

Claire Natural Documentation

Speak to Claire in your natural language - no need to learn special commands.  She will understand your intentions and help you with your documentation duties.

Claire AI Guard

Claire screens all incoming patient data for life threatening diseases like sepsis, ARDS or delirirum - helping you to treat your patients as fast as possible and saving lives.


Claire Guideline Assistant

Following complex treatment guidelines that require exact timing can be overwhelming. Claire assists you by keeping track of each step - even with multiple patients,

Claire Interactive Checklist

Checklists are an important part of daily medical routine. Claire drastically reduces workload by acquiring most of the items directly from the source data - only bothering you when your expert opinion is needed.


Claire Smart Labs

Claire helps you to filter incoming lab data by relevance. By learning from thousands of examples, Claire can detect anomalies and alert you as soon as possible

Claire Smart Summary

Claire will give you short, concise summary of the patient’s development, so you can get a fast overview over the patient's status without detailed data research.

Meet the Team

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